List of Participants

Order Name University Type Abstract Title Situation
1 Assist. Prof. Dr. Veli Capali Usak university Oral TBA Accept
2 Dr. Siham KEBAILI A/MIRA BEJAIA Select Presentation Refined descriptive sampling with dependent variables Accept
3 Prof. Dr. Abdalla Tallafha The University of Jordan Oral Fixed point on modified semi-linear uniform spaces Accept
4 Assist. Prof. Dr. Salma Shaheen Punjab Higher Education Department, Lahore Oral On The Category of GHS-Acts Accept
5 الأستاذ الدكتور Ali Ateiwi Al - Hussein Bin Talal University عن طريق الفم Approximate Solutions for Nonlinear Second order Differential Equation by using Reprodusing Kernel Hilbert Space Method Accept
6 Prof. Dr. DALI AHMED University of Bechar Poster A large class of hypoelliptic linear differential operators with constant complex coefficients is considered, the so called multi-quasielliptic differential operators, see [5] for an exhaustive study. We first show the theorem of L. Zanghirati [11] Under Review
7 Dr. Yavuz Selim Balkan Düzce University Oral Some Singular Almost Contact Riemannian Manifolds and Their Space-Forms Accept
8 Assoc. Prof. Dr. MOHAMMAD AL-HAWARI IRBID NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Oral Computation the Exponential Functions of Matrices By Similarity of Matrices Accept
9 Assist. Prof. Dr. Afshan Qayyum Women University of Swabi, Pakistan Oral In this paper we have investigated some properties of the certain operations of cubic soft expert sets (CSESs). We also Introduced two aggregation operators on cubic soft expert sets (CSESs) named as cubic soft expert weighted average operator (CSEWA Accept
10 Assist. Prof. Dr. Suad Alhihi Al Balqa Applied University Oral Fixed point on modified semi-linear uniform spaces Accept
11 Dr. Shahzaib Ashraf Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan, Pakistan Oral Logarithmic Hybrid Aggregation Operators Based on Single Valued Neutrosophic Sets and Their Application in Decision Support System Accept
12 Prof. Dr. Mamadsho Ilolov Ilolov Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan Oral On the fractional resolvent families and fractional integrodifferential equations Accept
13 Dr. Abdelhamid REHOUMA University of Hama Lakhdar of Eloued Algeria Online Presentation In this paper we derive useful results regarding the asymptotic properties of new set of monic polynomials primitives of monic orthogonal polynomials with respect to measure supported on the unit circle. Reject
14 Assist. Prof. Dr. Naeem Saleem University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan Oral Optimal Coincidence Results in Fuzzy Metric Spaces Accept
15 Assist. Prof. Dr. Rachid LEMDANI Medea University Poster Packing chromatic number in some graphs Accept
16 Assist. Prof. Dr. Ekrem Aljimi Public University "Kadri Zeka" Gjilan Select Presentation Characterization of rough weighted Norlund-Euler statistical limit set Accept
17 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dilovar Guljonov Academy of Science of the Republic of Tajikistan Poster Volterra Integro-Differential Equations of convolution type in Banach Spaces Accept
18 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muzahim Bani Tahir AL-Zubaidi Ajman University Oral “ON THE CONVERGENCE OF SOME EIGENFUNCTION EXPANSIONS" Accept
19 Dr. Noureddine IKHLEF-ESCHOUF University Yahia Farès of Médéa Poster Abstract: A location domatic partition P of a graph G=(V,E) is partition of V into classes that are pairwise disjoint locating dominating sets. Such a partition P is called b_l-maximal if no larger location domatic partition P′ can be obtained by gat Accept
20 Dr. Imane AGMOUR Hassan II Oral Mathematical study of the wind speed influence of on the annual profit of purse seiners Accept
21 Dr. Nossaiba Baba University of Hassan II Oral Predation of aristeus antennatus in protected and unprotected fishing area. Accept
22 Assist. Prof. Dr. Afshan Qayyum Women University Swabi, Pakistan Oral Title:Multicriteria Decision Making with Aggregation Operators On Cubic Soft Expert Sets and Their Comparative Analysis Abstract: In this paper we have investigated some properties of the certain operations of cubic soft expert sets (CSESs). We also Accept
23 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kholiknazar Kuchakshoev University of Central Asia Oral On the Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Chemotaxis Model Accept
24 Prof. Dr. MARHNINE HASSAN Center of Higher Education and Training Online Presentation A NOTE ON (ψ₊,ψ₋)-DERIVATIONS OF BANACH-JORDAN SYSTEMS WITH NONZERO SOCLE HASSAN MARHNINE Center of Higher Education and Training CRMEFTTH (ex. CPR) Department of Mathematics and Reject
25 Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Zemir University Yahia Fares Medea, Algeria Poster Characterizations of extremal graphs for some bounds on k-domination number Accept
26 Assist. Prof. Dr. Sahraoui Abdelkader Médéa University Poster Full cycle extendability of triangulary connected partly claw-free graphs Accept
27 Dr. Kamel TABLENNEHAS Université Dr. Yahia Farès of Médéa Poster The dot criticality index of connected domination of a cacti graphs Accept
28 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selda Çalkavur Kocaeli University Oral Abstract: Secret sharing has been a subject of study since 1979. The coding theory has been an important role in the constructing of the secret sharing schemes. It is known that every linear code can be used to construct the secret sharing schemes. S Accept
29 Dr. Mumtaz Riyasat Aligarh Muslim University Oral A determinant approach to q-Bessel polynomials and applications Accept
30 Dr. Ghulam Mohammad Aligarh Muslim University Oral On Skew Constacyclic Codes over a finite Ring Accept
31 Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bouchou University Dr Yahia Feres of Médéa Poster Extremal Graphs for a Bound on the Roman Domination Number Accept
32 Dr. Noureddine IKHLEF-ESCHOUF University Yahia Farès of Médéa Poster On the location bl-domatic number Accept
33 Prof. Dr. BELLOUFI MOHAMMED Laboratory Informatics and Mathematics (LiM) Mohamed Cherif Messaadia University Souk Ahras, 41000 Poster Behavior of new models of hybrid conjugate gradient algorithm Accept
34 Prof. Dr. Abdelhamid REHOUMA University of Hama Lakhdar of Eloued Algeria Online Presentation Asymptotic of polar orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle Under Review
35 Dr. Rehouma Abdelhamid University of Hama Lakhdar of Eloued Algeria Online Presentation We study the asymptotic behaviour of the polar orthogonal polynomials over the unit circle in short OPUC with respect to a finite positive Borel measure concentrate on the unit circle. Under Review
36 Dr. Abdellah Ould khal Med V University Poster A Multivariate Extension of an increasing form order-modular on a continuous 0-lattice Under Review
37 Dr. Kouilily Fatiha Hassan II University Oral The effect of basilar membrane stiffness on the displacement of cochlear partition Under Review
38 Dr. Fatima-Ezzahra ABOULKHOUATEM Hassan II University Oral Hearing loss can be caused by an increase of pressure in the structure of cochlea. In reality, the structure of the cochlea is very complicated, for that, many mathematical models are proposed in order to understinding the cochlear function. In the l Under Review